Welcome To Tri-Cities Singles


About the Founder of Tri-Cities Singles: I'm a 33 year old single mother of 1. I'm 5'2, long natural curly brown hair, and hazel eyes, bbw. I have lived in the Tri-Cities my whole life. I'm a laid back person, love to laugh and have fun. I decided to come up with a singles group, because there just wasn't anything in this town for us to do, and it's hard for people to go out by themselves if there is noone to go do anything with.

About the Singles Group: Tri-Cities singles is a great way to meet other singles and join single events through-out the Tri-Cities, without the hassle of dating or the fear of rejection. Tri-Cities Singles is a singles group for people 21 and older, whose primary purpose is to provide an effective group to help singles find and connect with other quality singles on and offline in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Our group's ages range right now is from 21 to 68 so far and growing every day. We currently have about 70 members. There are a variety of dances, socials, special events, karaoke, speed dating parties, single parent activities, and much more. We are also looking into charity events and possibly Singles Group Travel.

More About Tri-Cities Singles

Tri-Cities is a great place to be single, if you're not alone.  Unlike cities like Seattle and Portland, there isn't really one part of town that singles can go to, to meet each other.  Maybe that's because we're more "Outdoorsy" and independent.  What ever the reason, its not that easy to just go out and meet people here.  That is why I started this organization.  So there would be a place for all of us to get together and have some fun  - you know, together.  Remember when you were in college and how fun it was to have a group of guys and gals get together and go spend a weekend in the Mountains, or out on the water, or on a night on the town?  Come join us and you can be part of that atmosphere again.  Make a resolution right now to be with us at various events with an exciting new group of single friends, and maybe a new special someone.  At Tri-Cities Singles that is more than possible, it happens alot!  It can happen to you too.


"Somewhere There's Someone Who Dreams Of Your Smile,
And Finds In Your Presence That Life Is Worth While,
So When You Are Lonely Remember It's True;
Somebody Somewhere Is Thinking Of You"

We had an event the other night and two of our members clicked! Tri-Cities Singles Does Work.....Why not give us a try?